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The single biggest problem in corporate
America is distance from the client.

-Frank Luntz

Financial Services

Wealth Management

Grow your assets. Protect your hard work. Live comfortably. Pass it on to the next generation.

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Retirement Planning

Retire on your own terms with the help of a thorough retirement needs analysis from your HFG advisor.

Risk Management

Make sure you are protected from all angles by planning for the unexpected and reducing risk where possible.

Tax Planning

Reduce your tax liability through proactive planning with an experienced wealth manager.

Estate Planning

Making sure your assets are transferred to the appropriate parties in a tax-efficient manner.

Cash Management

Make the best use of your cash flow to propel you closer to achieving the retirement of your dreams.


Develop a tax-smart plan that allows you to give back to causes that you believe in.


True Financial Objectivity is Scarce.

Over the past several decades, objective advice has become a scarce commodity on Wall Street. From expensive lessons learned the hard way, investors like yourself have come to realize significant conflicts of interest exist between the sales focused structure of the major investment firms and objective investment advice.

Investors have asked themselves, “am I with the right advisor for the next 20 years?” The answer has been overwhelming as investors moved billions of dollars of investment assets from the banks and brokerages to Register Investment Advisors (RIAs).

Banks and brokerage firms averaged 4% declines annually since 2004 while Registered Investment Advisors gained over 174% during the same time period. (Cerulli Intermediary Distribution Report 2015.)

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Are you with the right advisor for your next 20 years?

In 2005, Harding Financial Group embraced the Registered Investment Advisor model allowing us to truly serve our clients in a way brokers cannot through:

Advisement Transparency

Offering transparency with full disclosure of fees, notice of potential conflicts of interest, and ongoing management of a customized Investment Policy Statement.

Fiduciary Responsibility and Advice

Providing unfiltered advice. We are under no obligation to sell proprietary products and can choose the solutions we believe are best for our clients.

Fee-based Advisor

As a fee-based advisor, investments are chosen for only one reason – to help fulfill clients’ goals.

Financial Certifications



The CFP® certification is the gold standard for financial planners. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals complete comprehensive training and adhere to the highest code of ethics as it is a fiduciary duty. A CFP® certificant has the financial skillset necessary to plan for the most complex of client situations and can adapt strategies accordingly to help clients reach their financial goals.


Financial Planning Associate

FPA is an association for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals that is responsible for CFP continuing education, conferences, and other interests of financial planners, including engaging with policymakers at the state and federal levels.

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When you consider the economic and market changes of the past 20 years, are you confident you are with the right advisor for your next 20 years?

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