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Financial Advisor
Gahanna Ohio

Certified Financial Planner™ professionals with Fortune 500 experience, Harding Financial Group can help you manage investments, retire comfortably, and pass on generational wealth tax-efficiently.

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Financial Planning Services and Wealth Management

It’s our fiduciary duty to put your needs first

Retirement Planning

Determine your retirement income and create a retirement plan to make it a reality

Old couple enjoy retirement life
Risk Management

We help you identify areas where you may be financially exposed and can help mitigate that risk

Risk Management
Tax Planning

Adjust your finances to minimize your tax burden and keep more of the money you make

Tax Planning
Estate Planning

Efficiently pass on wealth to your family and avoid headaches, arguments, and probate.

Estate Planning
Cash Management

Wisely manage your cash, liquidity, debt, and investments

Cash Management

Give to charities of your choice and maximize the benefit you receive for your generosity.


Fee-based Certified Financial
Planners in Gahanna, Ohio

Our Investment Advisor Representatives continuously deliver value by having the expertise to help you understand which investments you have, how they support you and your Gahanna family’s goals, and which alternatives are appropriate for you at any stage of the market cycle.

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Michael Harding, CFP®

Holding the CFP® certification and other industry licenses for over 20 years, Michael is a highly skilled financial planner with a specialization in wealth management for high-net-worth investors. Prior to founding Harding Financial Group in 2005, he won several awards for superior performance and was recognized on many occasions for quality investment management in his 10 years at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.


Michael Holly, CFP®, ALHC

Carrying designations as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Associate Life & Health Claims, Michael is a comprehensive financial planner who excels in helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals. Michael previously spent 5 years at Nationwide Financial and is well-versed in tax-efficient retirement income strategies.

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Why Harding Financial Group as your Gahanna Financial Advisors?

Columbus Business First Top 20 Fee-Only Financial Advisors list four consecutive years

Harding Financial Group takes a unique approach when compared to many other advisors today. We truly develop individual investment portfolios that are tailored to each client, according to their needs, stage of life cycle, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. We do not use “age-based” plans or pre-built model portfolios of any kind. Every investment in our client’s portfolios is hand-selected to support their stated objectives and is backed by our experienced financial planners through professional research and factual data. 

Our belief is that above-average portfolio returns are achieved by squeezing the most out of every dollar invested and doing the gritty work that other advisors aren’t willing to do. The only way for our advisors to have the time required for such personalized investment management is to maintain a limited client list. In an industry where advisory firms are built from the ground up to scale their business quickly, Harding Financial Group has intentionally sacrificed scalability for the sake of providing superior customer service.

Our expertise spans much more than just investment management. Our financial planners strategize to help you keep the most of your money through tax planning, and take a long-term, multi-generational approach to ensure every decision made helps you grow your family legacy through the attainment of generational wealth.

With clear, consistent, and transparent communication, Harding Financial Group is committed to a Satisfaction Guarantee Policy for our advisory services. Our goal is unparalleled quality of services and if not, we return fees for your first 12 months of service.

3 Step Value-Driven Financial Advising Process

1. Complimentary Consultation

This is a preliminary meeting that can take place over the phone or via a web meeting (Zoom). We will ask questions to understand your motivations for seeking out a financial advisor and evaluate if the services our firm offers would be a potential fit for you.

2. Initial In-Person Meeting

This will be a deeper discussion (typically 1-1.5 hours) “get to know you” meeting. We will explore your interests, hobbies, goals, family, and current financial situation. You’ll be provided the opportunity to ask us any and all questions that may be top of mind. We will request all relevant financial statements from you in preparation for our next meeting – the portfolio review.

3. Comprehensive Portfolio Review

Through this comprehensive review, we present a thorough analysis of your investments, comparing them to an existing portfolio of a current HFG client with similar goals and financial objectives. This demonstrates how small re-alignments can increase efficiency, as well was reduce risk, costs, and tax liability. All of these benefits move you closer to achieving your long-term goals.

If you are looking for financial advisors in Gahanna Ohio, contact Harding Financial Group below and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.

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Get a one-one consultation with our retirement advisors in Gahanna OH to begin the conversation about your retirement goals, needs, and current financial situation.

See our Frequently Asked Questions below for commonly asked questions about Retirement Planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fee-based advisors are compensated primarily through a fixed percentage of assets under management.

We chose this model of compensation to give clients the confidence that we are on the same team – as our firm’s compensation is tied directly to our client’s performance. This creates a natural incentive to defend our clients’ assets in a down market and grow their assets in an up market.

The “fee-based” model also allows our advisors to facilitate the purchase of insurance products if our clients have the need instead of outsourcing the transaction to an unrelated 3rd party.

Watch our video about Why we are Fee Based Financial Advisors.

Our CFP® professionals are required to uphold a Fiduciary standard, which means they are bound to making recommendations that are always in their clients’ best interest. They have also taken extra steps to enhance their knowledge and financial planning skillset.

To obtain the CFP® designation, they had to satisfy 4 requirements:

1. Experience – Accumulate several thousands of hours of professional experience related to the financial planning process. As a result, CFP® practitioners possess practical experience, in addition to financial planning knowledge.

2. Education – Possess a Bachelor’s degree (or higher), as well as successfully complete the CFP® educational curriculum which includes 70 Principal Knowledge Topics under the categories below:
– Professional Conduct and Regulation
– General Principles of Financial Planning
– Risk Management & Insurance
– Investment Planning
– Tax Planning
– Retirement Savings & Income Planning
– Estate Planning
– Psychology of Financial Planning

3. Examination – Pass a comprehensive 6-hour CFP® Certification Examination that tests their ability to apply financial planning knowledge in an integrated format.

4. Ethics – Satisfy the CFP Board’s Fitness Standards and commit to CFP Board to abide by professional standards, as well as uphold their Fiduciary duty.

Learn more here about Why HFG?

Education is a very high priority in our office as we are always learning and growing to expand our knowledge. We spend hundreds of hours a month in the financial markets, paying attention to macroeconomic data like unemployment numbers, jobs created or lost, nonfarm payrolls, interest rate hikes, trends in different economic sectors, world events, and more.

Each advisor also has to obtain a certain number of required continuing education and professional development hours to remain a CFP® or other professional distinction. Continuing education topics cover a wide facet of industry services including securities, taxes, insurance, college planning, ethics, and more. We keep our licenses current so these requirements are always met.

We’re always trying to find ways to better serve our clients as we view this as a true win-win partnership, and education is paramount to that success.

The mathematics of loss dictate that outperforming in a down market, or minimizing loss, is more important than outperforming in a rising market. Therefore, our investment philosophy is defense first. We have the skillset to perform well in a bull market, but more importantly, have the experience of defending assets through the Tech Bubble of 2000, the Great Recession of 2008, and most recently, the COVID pandemic.

Although we curate a custom investment portfolio for each client, the fundamental strategy remains the same, which is what we refer to as the “Core and Satellite” strategy.

The core of every portfolio is generally comprised of select mutual funds that are appropriate for the client. We are very selective with the Core funds we use – they must have a strong history of outperformance versus their peers and come from top-rated fund managers. Depending upon the stage of the market cycle and the client’s financial objectives, we introduce Satellite positions into the portfolio to get exposure to certain market sectors, and to get away from others. This helps to lean the portfolio in certain directions to achieve one of two things:

1. Defend client assets, or
2. Grow client assets

We briefly discuss our investment strategy using Core & Satellite portfolio positions on our Wealth Management page.

We have clients all over the country and throughout the Gahanna area. In particular, some of the neighborhoods include:

Academy Ridge, Bryn Mawr, Creekside Green, Farm Creek, Heritage, Hunters Ridge, Rathburn Woods, Rivers Edge, Saratoga Estates, Woodside Green and more.

In many cases, clients come to our office for an in-person meeting but those that are comfortable via Zoom, we can accommodate that way too.

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