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Wealth Management
Columbus Ohio

Grow your assets. Protect your hard work. Live comfortably. Pass it on to the next generation.


What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is an overarching process that combines many other financial services into one, managing ones overall wealth, typically high net worth individuals. During a consultation, the financial advisor asks a series of questions about the individual’s wants and needs, then creates a customized financial plan using various financial products and services to meet the clients goals.

Harding Financial Group takes a holistic approach to wealth management. We meet the complex needs of our clients through a broad range of services that are integrated into our financial planning process – including investment advice, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax optimization.

What does a HFG wealth manager do?

Harding Financial Group wealth managers are experienced in planning for the unique needs of affluent clients, including proficiency in avoiding the estate tax. We work hand-in-hand with your other financial professionals, such as estate planning attorneys and CPAs to achieve efficiency in every aspect of your financial health.

An example individual that may hire a wealth manager could be an individual, married or single, with a business and diversified investments in the stock market and real estate, has a retirement account and other financial strategies in mind but no long-term goal. A wealth manager could create a holistic financial plan, identifying potential savings through the business, property taxes, insurance, and more, in addition to guidance for a client’s investments.

HFG financial advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners who have distinguished themselves from others through attaining significant professional experience, higher education, and annual continuing education, making them uniquely qualified to meet the needs of high-net-worth clients.

Wealth Management Services

Retirement Planning

Retire on your own terms with the help of a thorough retirement needs analysis from your HFG advisor.

Risk Management

Make sure you are protected from all angles by planning for the unexpected and reducing risk where possible.

Tax Planning

Reduce your tax liability through proactive planning with an experienced wealth manager.

Estate Planning

Making sure your assets are transferred to the appropriate parties in a tax-efficient manner.

Cash Management

Make the best use of your cash flow to propel you closer to achieving the retirement of your dreams.

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Develop a tax-smart plan that allows you to give back to causes that you believe in.


Wealth management

Our investment philosophy at Harding Financial Group is to play defense first. By reducing the amount of market downside captured, the portfolio is positioned for compounding growth far beyond a comparative portfolio that uses the traditional, buy-and-hold approach. In other words, informed, proactive investment management often produces superior results when compared to just “riding the wave” of the market.

At Harding Financial Group, investments are hand-selected by the firm’s President & Portfolio Manager, Mike Harding, CFP®, who carries 22 years of investment management experience. Although no portfolio looks the same for any one of our clients, we use the same Core & Satellite Portfolio Construction method, and for good reason.

Core Portfolio Positions

Every portfolio needs a strong foundation, so the Core of each client portfolio is centered around 5-star-rated equity mutual funds from top 1% fund managers such as T. Rowe Price and Parnassus. These funds complement each other and have longstanding history of above-average returns and below-average risk when compared to thousands of similar funds. Some of the funds we use are not available at all advisory firms.

Satellite Portfolio Positions

Depending on the client’s risk tolerance, financial goals, and the overall condition of the market, Satellite positions are added to the portfolio to achieve diversification, reduce risk, and optimize performance. Satellite positions can run the gamut of market sectors, but depending on the stage of the economic cycle, some sectors perform better historically than others.

For example:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers overordered product from overseas because they didn’t have any idea of when they would receive current shipments, let alone the next ones. At that same time, consumers were getting squeezed by historic inflation and rising fuel prices, meaning consumers were spending less on discretionary expenses at retailers. This indicated to us that the Consumer Discretionary sector of the market was a satellite position that we wanted to decrease exposure to, and the Energy sector was a satellite position we wanted to increase exposure to inside client portfolios.

We do not “set and forget” our clients’ portfolios. We have a team of experienced CFP® professional advisors who monitor the markets and client portfolios daily. Our financial advisors have the proficiency to recognize market trends and to make proactive investment decisions on our clients’ behalf.

What Our Harding Financial Group
Clients Are Saying

Stephanie Fowler
We have been working with Michael Holly with HFG for several months now. He has been very patient with us, and has taken the time to make sure we feel comfortable and understand all unfamiliar financial circumstances. He is extremely thorough during our meetings, as well as having a well rounded plan to present all options. He is someone we feel comfortable calling and asking questions to and feel secure knowing he has our best interests at hand.
Ann Smerles
HFG has been a great help as I approach retirement. Michael listens to my goals and diligently works to provide an excellent outcome. He explains his plan, asks for my opinion, and clearly answers my questions.
Al Jenkins
Carefully listen to your needs and develop a customized plan to suit those needs.
Paul Atwell
Since retiring in 2008, Harding Financial has handled our accounts. Currently, they are also involved with our adult children’s accounts. Not only do they have our complete trust, but the comprehensive outlook towards capital retention and the estate is wonderful. Michael Harding is an amazing professional. He is highly accredited, knowledgable and thorough. The regular market letters, and quarterly in person reviews keep us up to date. We highly recommend Harding Financial.
Eric Atwell
I am incredibly fortunate to have found such a professional and trustworthy financial advisor. Their deep understanding of the market has truly made a remarkable difference in managing my finances. From the very beginning, their expertise and guidance instilled a sense of confidence in me. They took the time to thoroughly analyze my financial situation and patiently explained various strategies tailored to my goals. This personalized approach was both refreshing and reassuring. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to transparency and honesty. I have complete faith in their recommendations, knowing that they always have my best interests at heart. They've not only helped me navigate complex financial decisions but have also provided invaluable insights that have led to tangible results. Their ability to stay current with market trends and adapt strategies accordingly is truly impressive. I've witnessed firsthand how their deep understanding of the market has translated into positive outcomes for my investments. In a world where financial matters can be overwhelming, having a financial advisor like Harding Financial Group has been a game-changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking expert guidance, exceptional professionalism, and a partner who genuinely cares about their clients' financial well-being.
Michael Kappas
My involvement with the Harding Financial Group has been a great experience! I believe that Michael and his staff are very professional and do everything possible to make their clients comfortable and secure! I have the upmost confidence in their abilities and their knowledge of the markets that affect our financial investments! I have referred family and friends to the Harding Financial Group! I’m very pleased to be part of this great organization!
Lisa Collins
I can’t say enough about how happy I am with Harding Financial Services and have been very pleased with the services they provide! I have been with them for 15 years and Mike and his team are the best! Never once have I worried about where he directs my monies. So if you are looking for a highly qualified professional team they will work on what needs best fit you in younger years or retirement years!
Heidi Steinbrenner
I switched from a large financial firm to Harding Financial Group about a year ago. I am very pleased with the special attention and advice they give to my personal financial needs as I head into retirement. They are very through and knowledgeable on giving me advise that is best for me. I could not be more confident with Harding Financial handling my finances and highly recommend them to others.
Nicholas Martin
Harding Financial Group Experience: My wife and I were referred to Harding Financial Group by an existing client of theirs. In our initial meeting with Mike Harding and Michael Holly we expressed our long term goals. Not only for retirement but for large purchases such as a new car and a future home. They assisted us in developing a strategy of savings and budgeting to acquire the car we wanted, save for our future home while continuing to grow our retirement portfolio. The Harding Financial Group not only guides their customers to a happy retirement, but a happy journey to retirement.
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