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Harding Financial Group Client Experience

HFG clients experience a fully developed and refined process that puts every piece of your financial puzzle together.

As life progresses and changes occur, additional segments of the HFG process will be employed, ensuring our clients enjoy the confidence that comes from working with an advisor who can consult on all financial decisions throughout a lifetime.


Relationships Matter

At the core of the Harding Financial Group philosophy and process is our belief that relationships matter. We cultivate relationships through value-added services such as meeting with current or future beneficiaries and explaining the estate plan and the functionality of how money will move. Or perhaps a single individual would like us to attend a financial meeting between them and an assisted living facility to ensure the billing and arrangements are appropriate. Maybe a college student child of a client has a few basic financial questions, but no one to ask. We invite them to the office, or get on the phone and answer any questions they have.  HFG advocates for our clients and engages in the process to ensure our commitment to relationships and sound investment advice is fulfilled.

It’s important to us that we provide you with a transparent, pressure-free environment as you go through the process of choosing a financial planner. We follow a simple, no obligation, 3-step process to deliver as much value and information as possible before ever presenting you with paperwork to sign.

1. Complimentary Consultation

This is a sales-free opportunity for you to learn more about HFG and the services we offer. We will also take this opportunity to:

  • learn more about your current financial situation
  • evaluate if the services we provide align with your short- and long-term goals.

2. Initial In-Person Meeting

At this meeting we will collect all relevant financial documents so that we can begin building the foundation of your financial plan. We will analyze your:

  • current investment portfolio
  • estate plan
  • insurance (life, medical, disability, umbrella, and more)
  • retirement strategy

This will help us identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide professional commentary as needed.

3. Comprehensive Portfolio Review

Through this comprehensive portfolio review, you will discover firsthand how we deliver value to our clients. We present a thorough analysis of your investment portfolio, directly comparing your existing portfolio against a live portfolio of a current HFG client who has similar financial goals and objectives. This comparison serves to demonstrate how small realignments can significantly:

  • increase the efficiency of your investment portfolio
  • reduce risk
  • reduce costs
  • and lower tax liabilities.

All of these benefits will move you closer to accomplishing your long-term financial goals.

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