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Olentangy Caverns: A Great Place To Visit With Family

The Olentangy Indian Caverns, which include a labyrinth of lovely twisting corridors and roomy subterranean chambers, were created millions of years ago by the powerful force of an underground river slicing through solid limestone rock. The Wyandotte Indians used these caverns as a refuge from the elements and from their adversaries, the Delaware Indians, according to the evidence.

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The Olentangy Indian Caverns are a series of caves, natural passages and rooms occupying three different levels. The caverns were formed millions of years ago by an underground river that cut through the limestone rock.

Here is a list of some of the unforgettable adventures in LVL UP Sports:

  • Up until 1810, according to various artifacts discovered in the caves, Wyandotte Indians utilized the Indian Council Room to carve arrowheads and other stone tools. Some of these artifacts are on show in the Museum; others were discovered after the caverns were uncovered. Everyone may now access this amazing geological wonder from the Museum at the entry. To reach the labyrinth of chambers and natural corridors across three levels, concrete stairs plummet 55 feet.
  • Battleship Rock, The Crystal Room, and Indian Lover’s Bench are located on the second floor. A corridor called “Fat Man’s Misery” leads to the 105-foot-deep Cathedral Hall and Bell Tower chamber. Beyond are undiscovered corridors and chambers. Although largely investigated, the fourth level, where a subterranean river empties into the Olentangy River, has not been made accessible to the general public. Although a lake has been created by the river, its size is unknown. Numerous kilometers of tunnels remain unexplored.
  • When considering a trip to Olentangy tunnels in Delaware, Ohio, you might just think of tunnels and caves, but there are really many other things to do there as well.
  • If you’ve never visited Olentangy Caverns, you might be surprised by how much there is to do there. The best part is that it’s not a bundle offer; your family may choose from any of these activities to perform on the grounds to create a day that fits your schedule and budget!
  • Cavern Tour: The Cavern tour is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind. Native Americans once used the caverns, which are naturally formed tunnels and caves, as places to hide, hold gatherings, and find refuge.
  • The caves are frequently moist and there are several steps to climb and descend. On the way, you will encounter a few puddles that require us to jump over and through. For that reason you need to wear closed-toe shoes. Consider your family’s footwear while making travel plans because it can be rainy or slippery.
  • The smallest child on this trip was just under two, and will also enjoy herself immensely, but if you have a non-walker, then you need to take an on-body baby carrier.
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Olentangy Caverns’ Richard F. Leitch Museum: The entrance to the caverns is contained in a small museum where you can learn about the history of the caves and some of the infamous events that occurred there. You can also view the remains of an ox who perished untimely in the tunnels in the year around 1800, depending on the version of the tale! Arrowheads and several other items connected to the caves are also present.

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