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Our Investment Philosophy

At Harding Financial Group, our investment philosophy is “defense first”. It’s a lot easier to maintain capital than it is to rebuild capital after a significant, adverse market event. Mike Harding has experience successfully navigating investors through the Tech Bubble of 2000 as well as the Financial Crisis of 2008.

A -30% loss requires a +43% gain to get back to even. These are the mathematics of loss, and are the main driver of our belief that over a period of time, successfully defending against loss is more important than outperforming the market on the upside.

Our Core and Satellite investment strategy allows us to lean the portfolio in different directions at different stages of the economic cycle by proactively over- or under-weighting certain sectors of the market. When we reallocate a client’s portfolio, it’s for one of two reasons:

1.To grow assets

2.To protect assets

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