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Inniswood Metro Gardens Westerville Ohio

Inniswood Metro Gardens is a beautiful public garden located in Westerville, Ohio. The garden covers over 120 acres and features a variety of themed gardens, natural areas, walking trails, and educational exhibits.

One of the most popular areas of the garden is the Sister’s Garden, which is inspired by the relationship between two sisters, Grace and Mary Innis, who originally owned the property. The garden features a variety of perennials, shrubs, and trees, and includes a water feature and a lovely gazebo.

Another popular area of the garden is the Herb Garden, which features a wide variety of herbs that are both culinary and medicinal. The garden includes a traditional knot garden, a water feature, and a unique sundial made of herbs.

Inniswood Metro Gardens

In addition to these themed gardens, Inniswood Metro Gardens also features a woodland garden, a rock garden, a rose garden, and a children’s garden, which includes a play area and a butterfly garden.

One of the unique features of Inniswood Metro Gardens is its educational programming. The garden offers a variety of classes and workshops for all ages, covering topics such as gardening, nature photography, and bird watching. The garden also has a visitor center that includes exhibits on local flora and fauna, as well as a gift shop.

Visiting Inniswood: Tips and Information

  1. Admission to the gardens is free, but there is a suggested donation of $2 per person.
  2. The gardens are open year-round, but the hours vary depending on the season.
  3. There are one parking lot that has plenty of parking but for special events can fill up quickly as many Westerville families like to come out for community events.
  4. The garden paths can be uneven and hilly, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for some walking.
  5. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy the outdoor seating areas.
  6. The garden offers several educational programs including workshops, guided tours, and children’s activities.
  7. The garden is a popular spot for weddings and other special events, so be aware that there may be some areas that are closed off during these times.
  8. There are several public restrooms located throughout the garden but the main ones are near the parking lot.
  9. Finally, be sure to bring your camera and capture the beauty of this natural oasis.

Exploring the Surrounding Area of Inniswood Metro Gardens

Inniswood Metro Gardens is a beautiful park located in Westerville, Ohio. If you’re looking to explore the surrounding area, here are some suggestions:

  1. Sharon Woods Metro Park: This park is just a short drive from Inniswood Metro Gardens and offers hiking trails, fishing, picnic areas, and a nature center. 
  2. Hoover Reservoir: The reservoir is a popular spot for boating and fishing, and there are several parks around the reservoir where you can hike, picnic, and enjoy the outdoors.
  3. Westerville Community Center: If you’re looking for indoor activities, the Westerville Community Center offers fitness classes, swimming, and other recreational activities.
  4. Uptown Westerville: The historic district of Westerville, Uptown Westerville, is home to several shops, restaurants, and cafes. It’s a great place to take a stroll and explore the local scene.
  5. Alum Creek State Park: Located just a few miles North of Westerville, Alum Creek State Park offers hiking trails, boating, fishing, and camping.
  6. The Ohio to Erie Trail: The Ohio to Erie Trail is a 326-mile trail that stretches from Cincinnati to Cleveland, passing through Westerville along the way. You can take a walk or bike ride on the trail and enjoy the scenic views.

McVay Elementary School near Inniswood Metro Gardens

McVay Elementary School is a public elementary school located near Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio. The school is known for its strong community-focused education and commitment to providing a well-rounded academic experience for its students.

One of the hallmarks of McVay Elementary School is its emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. The school’s staff and administration work closely with parents and community members to ensure that every child feels valued and supported. This focus on community involvement is evident in the school’s numerous family engagement activities, including back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, and volunteer opportunities.

In terms of academics, McVay Elementary School is committed to providing a comprehensive education that prepares students for success in the 21st century. The school offers a range of programs and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its student body, including special education services, gifted education, and English language learner support.

Overall, McVay Elementary School is a strong community-focused school that offers a high-quality education to its students. If you are looking for a school that prioritizes community involvement, academic excellence, and a well-rounded education for your child, McVay Elementary School may be a great choice. 

McVay Elementary School is a public school located at 270 S. Hempstead Rd., 1.3 miles north of Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio. The school serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade and is part of the Westerville City School District.

Westerville Planning & Development department

The Westerville Planning & Development department is a governmental organization responsible for overseeing land use, zoning, and development activities within the city of Westerville, Ohio. Its main mission is to ensure that the growth and development of the city is well-planned and sustainable, while also promoting economic vitality, environmental quality, and quality of life for residents.

The department is responsible for reviewing and approving development proposals, enforcing zoning regulations and building codes, and providing guidance and assistance to developers and property owners. It also works closely with other city departments, as well as local businesses and community organizations, to promote smart growth and sustainable development practices.

If you need to contact the Westerville Planning & Development department for any reason, you can visit their office in person at 64 E. Walnut Street, Westerville, Ohio 43081, call them at (614) 901-6650, or visit their website.

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